Mar 012022

The Russian black metal band Grimorium Verum trace their origins to the mid-’90s, and since then have released four albums, with a fifth one, Reall, set for release on March 31st by Symbol of Domination. Not surprisingly, the band’s long period of existence has been marked by changes in their personnel, as well as alterations in their musical approach.

Where they are today is strongly represented in their new 11-track full-length, whose name holds to the band’s tradition of picking single-word titles that begin with the letter R. It holds to other traditions of the group’s music as well, maintaining aggressive power but now with an enhanced use of trans-dimensional keyboard parts that open the mind to visionary realms that don’t seem human or even earth-bound.

You’ll understand what we mean when you hear the song we’re premiering today, “Through the Labyrinth of Times“. Continue reading »

May 022018


It seems that for many years I’ve been mis-using the words “bombastic” and “grandiose” in my scribblings about music. As an acquaintance more literate than I recently pointed out to myself and others, the dictionary defines “bombastic” as “high-sounding but with little meaning”, “inflated”, and “given exaggerated importance by artificial or empty means”, while it specifies that “grandiose” refers to an “affectation of grandeur or splendor” or something characterized by “absurd exaggeration”.

What I’ve often intended by those words, though clearly failing to express the intention accurately, is music that’s dazzling in its power, perhaps ornate in its trappings, resplendent in its atmosphere of vaulting majesty — music that’s grand instead of grandiose. Those are among the impressions I had when first listening to the music from Grimorium Verum’s new album, Revenant, including the album’s opening song which we’re presenting today — “The Born Son of the Devil“. Continue reading »