Aug 282023

We are very happy once again to premiere music by Heads for the Dead. It’s the kind of happiness people feel when they wake up from supernatural nightmares and realize the monsters weren’t really eating your guts after all, or those who get thrills from the chills of horror movies in which the undead bare their rotten teeth and demons pierce the veil between worlds.

Horror in many forms is the bread and butter of this multinational death metal band, whose discography has swollen since 2018 to encompass an EP and three albums, and now there’s another EP shambling toward us, with a due date of September 1st via the venerable Pulverised Records.

As signified by its title — In the Absence of Faith — all the lyrics in these five tracks were inspired by horror-related movies “that deal with the concept of losing belief or getting challenged in extreme situations”. Continue reading »

Jul 292022

“Super groups” come and go, and more often than not they tend to go quickly, with the members pulling a “one off” stunt and then returning to their main projects. But sometimes the chemistry is so good, and the results so successful, that the groups live on. Such is the case (thankfully) with Heads for the Dead, who arrived on the scene with 2018’s Serpent’s Curse, made further hideous strides with 2020’s Into the Red, and are now running up to the September 2nd release of their third album, The Great Conjuration.

This new one continues the band’s gruesome addictions to supernatural horror in the trappings of chainsaw-powered death metal, and again unites the talents of Wombbath‘s Jonny Pettersson (guitar, bass, keys, FX) and vocalist/lyricist Ralf Hauber from Revel In Flesh, and this time they’re joined by Wombbath drummer Jon Rudin and by Matt Moliti from Sentient Horror, who performs guitar solos.

What we have for you today is the premiere of another song from the new album, to add to those which have already been scourging the ears and terrorizing the minds of the public. This one is called “The Breaking Wheel“. Continue reading »

Sep 022021


Metalhead lovers of ghastliness in all its forms, but especially classic horror flicks from decades gone by, will have reason to rejoice when a new EP by Heads For The Dead hits the streets on November 5th.

Through two previous albums this group of metal veterans have already proven their devotion to supernatural subjects, but this time they’ve taken that a step further — providing their own reinterpretation of theme songs from movies such as Maniac, Halloween and The Thing. And as icing on this gory cake they’ve also recorded cover songs of tracks by Misfits and the Ramones.

What we’ve got for you today is the band’s homage to “Maniac“, presented through a video that’s replete with over-the-top lyrical pathology and an abundance of blood-drenched film clips. Continue reading »

Mar 122021


Soon, we will light the candles, join hands, and our seance will begin. Your mind’s eye will be opened to visions of the supernatural, entering a realm of wondrous horrors. But the eyes in the front of your head will witness visions of a different but equally wondrous kind.

Our seance takes the form of a fantastic music video, and for this entertainment ovations should be given not only to the maker of the video and the makers of the music but also to the performer who threatens to steal the show. Continue reading »

Sep 182020


Roughly two years after the release of their Serpent’s Curse debut album, Heads For the Dead have risen from whatever moldering, lightless tomb where they’ve been hibernating, and they’re hungry… for your flesh. Or at least they certainly sound famished for the delights of crunching bones, rendered entrails, and gushing ichor based on the new song we’re about to present.

That debut album was a massive-sounding exposition of Swedish death metal with an attraction to the tropes of old-school horror, and an addictive work of mauling terror it was, as exemplified by our dropping of one of its tracks into our list of Most Infectious Extreme Metal songs that year. Based on this new song — “At the Dead of Night“, which we’re presenting through a lyric video — they’ve lost none of their ability to crush, rend, and frighten in the intervening time.

But before we get to it, that image at the top of this post isn’t the cover of their forthcoming sophomore album Into the Red — this is: Continue reading »

Feb 152019


Most of the installments of the list this week have been genre-focused, moving from shades and phases of black metal, to doom, to technical death metal. Today’s installment also focuses on death metal, but of three very different kinds.

To check out this week’s previous installments of this still-expanding list, and all the others, you’ll find them behind this link, and to learn what this series is all about, go here.


The first formulation of death metal in today’s installment happens to be a song we premiered last year from the debut album of this new group, whose impressive line-up consists of Jonny Petterson (Wombbath, Ursinne, Henry Kane, Pale King), who was responsible for the music and its production, and vocalist Ralf Hauber (Revel In Flesh), with Erik Bevenrud (Down Among the Dead Men) as the session drummer. To add to those names, Matt Moliti (Sentient Horror) performed guitar solos on three tracks, and Håkan Stuvemark (Wombbath, Pale King) soloed on two others. Continue reading »

Jul 262018


I’ve been hungry for this new album ever since I first caught wind that it was on the way. That greediness was based entirely on finding out who was in the band, and the names of the people who had contributed as guest or session musicians. The leading roles were filled by the very busy Jonny Petterson (Wombbath, Ursinne, Henry Kane, Pale King), who was responsible for the music and its production, and by vocalist Ralf Hauber (Revel In Flesh), with Erik Bevenrud (Down Among the Dead Men) as the session drummer. And to add to those names, Matt Moliti (Sentient Horror) performed guitar solos on three tracks, and Håkan Stuvemark (Wombbath, Pale King) soloed on two others.

With that line-up and those additional contributors, I had little doubt this new collaboration, which goes under the name Heads For the Dead, was going to be good. The question was, how good? And the further question concerned the direction that Petterson pursued in the music. Death metal, of course, but that’s a very broad label, and Petterson has already proven that he’s capable of venturing off in more than one direction beneath that big banner.

Well, now we have some clues for you. One track premiered earlier this month from this new album, Serpent’s Curse, and today we’ve got a second one in advance of its release by Transcending Obscurity Records on September 24th. Continue reading »

Jan 162018


I had originally planned to get a SHADES OF BLACK post ready for today since I couldn’t do it on Sunday (or yesterday), and I might still finish it before I turn into a pumpkin today. But instead I decided to begin this Tuesday with a collection of other things I spotted over the last 24 hours in the midst of the flood of new metal that’s been rushing out on a daily basis since the first of the year.


More than six years after their last album and almost four years after their last EP, Australia’s Mournful Congregation will release a new album named The Incubus Of Karma through 20 Buck Spin on March 23rd. This morning those details were revealed along with the album art — and the album’s first single, “Scripture of Exaltation and Punishment“. Continue reading »