Nov 092017


(This is Vonlughlio’s review of the new second album by the California death metal band Hideous Rebirth.)

As I was looking at Bandcamp for new music, I decided to check out Gore House Productions (a label in Los Angeles, California) and saw that Hideous Rebirth were about to release a new album entitled La Fosa Comun. At first I was a little bit hesitant, because I’d only heard one or two earlier songs by the band, and they were just ok for me. Despite that, I pushed play and was surprised at how different the music sounded on the new track from the album that was then available.

Then they released a new song, “Haunting Carnal Illusions”, featuring the talented Mr. Frank Zelada (Ossification), which premiered here at NCS. This impressed me as well, and the production of both this and the previous track enhanced the songs’ appeal.

Yet I still did not place an order then. Time passed, the release date arrived, and I proceeded to give it a listen (keep in mind that I was not that familiar with their previous EP and album, having only heard a couple of songs), and after one listen, I decided to order it. Continue reading »

Oct 092017


Album art still matters, even in an age when physical editions have been significantly supplanted by downloads, as compared to even five years ago. They create mental associations with the music that often become lasting memories, especially when the art and the music are both excellent — and go hand-in-hand in creating a particular kind of impression.

Tony Koehl’s artwork for the new album, La Fosa Comun, by the death metal band Hideous Rebirth from Riverside, California, is undeniably eye-catching, and it also suits the music quite well. But you can judge that for yourselves, because we have a song for you, a track from the album named “Haunting Carnal Illusions“. Continue reading »