Jul 032018


(Our Caribbean-born but recently U.S.-based friend Vonlughlio rejoins us with a review, born of unusual enthusiasm, of the new album by the Pennsylvania band Injurious, whose new album was released on July 1st by Lord of the Sick Recordings.)

It has been a while since I had the opportunity to do a small write-up for NCS. This time around I would like to introduce you to the band Injurious from Pennsylvania, USA. This is the solo project of Mr. Joe Anthropophagi (Abolishing the Ignominious, Disgruntled Anthropophagy, Manipulated Calamity, Ex-Animals Killing People). The first release was back in 2017 with the promo that consisted of two songs: “Execrable Hierarchy Diminishing the Worthless” and “Immersed into Cycles of Enmity”. That promo was highly praised in the BDM community and showcased Joe’s already high level of musicianship. The man is just pure talent.

Just last week the EP,Abominable Extermination through Uncanny Passages was released via Lord of the Sick Recordings, and that’s all I have been listening to. This is one EP that’s just full of hatred, from the blast-beats and twisted riffs to with vocals, which successfully transmit this felling to the listener. For me, it’s the best BDM EP of 2018. Continue reading »