Jul 292013

(About one month ago, NCS writer Andy Synn devoted the 37th edition of THE SYNN REPORT to the discography of Norwegian metal band In Vain [here], and now follows that up with an interview of Johnar Håland.)

Hello! So to start off, please, introduce yourself to our readers.

Hi. I’m Johnar, guitarist and songwriter of the Norwegian metal band In Vain. We have been around since 2003 and released our third album, Ænigma, in April this year.


In your own words, describe the In Vain sound, if you would!

We have labeled our music ‘Progressive Extreme Metal’. The term ‘extreme metal’, due to our  combination of Death and Black Metal. The term ‘progressive’ because we are open-minded musicians and incorporate a lot of non-metal elements into our music. In my opinion, progressive also means to evolve and not to be static and stick to one musical landscape. When I write songs I try to combine what I consider as the strengths in the various genres that I enjoy. From the start, In Vain has had a vision of trying to combine all these elements, without making the songs chaotic and non-cohesive. That makes us progressive in one sense I believe.


You would be considered one of, if not the main, In Vain songwriting force, correct?

That is correct. So far I have written all the songs. Continue reading »