Nov 062012

(Today we continue our series of guest posts with a review by “Andrew Jackson” of the new album from Kamelot, which was released on October 30 by SPV/Steamhammer.)

Kamelot are a Power Metal band who I had overlooked for quite a while, though I had known about them for at least a year before I first heard Silverthorn. I had intended to buy one of their albums eventually, but when you’re broke and live in a town that thrives off of Country, Modern Pop, and other garbage that is guaranteed to reduce your already dwindling number of brain cells, it becomes difficult.

Anyways, so after some time I finally got my hands on Kamelot’s new album. To be honest, I didn’t really expect much. The band had just lost their singer of ten years, one of the hardest things for a band to recover from. Their previous singer, Roy Kahn, was well known in the Metal community and loved by fans. So after some time they filled in the gap with a singer named Tommy Karevik.

Hell if I know who he is, I just focus on the important shit here; and what’s most important is that he kicks ass. It seems like Kamelot decided to give him free range to explore his own vocal abilities and pump out some incredibly infectious melodies, while still bringing in the classic Kamelot feel to each song. In fact, he sounds very similar to Roy Kahn.

Silverthorn is a concept album about some chick named Jolee (I’m guessing that’s her picture on the cover) who dies at the hands of her brothers. Each individual track continues the storyline and focuses on the emotions that each character in the story feels, along with their individual regret for their actions. Along with the lyrics, the music also changes from moments of power to moments of reflection, such as the track “Song for Jolee”. Continue reading »

Jan 132010

We know you depend on us to sift through the mountains of daily metal news so you don’t have to, to separate the wheat from the chaff, and then bring to your attention only the truly vital information without which your lives would be drab, insignificant, and not worth living. A heavy fucking responsibility, but we’ve got broad shoulders and we’re up to it.

That’s why we’re telling you, hot off the presses, that Amaranthe singer Elize Ryd (pictured above) has been selected to fill the female guest singer spot on KAMELOT‘s upcoming European tour in April/May.

What’s that you say? You think this “news” is bullshit? You say you’ve never heard of Amaranthe and that with a lead singer like this, they couldn’t possibly be metal?

You say you think KAMELOT sounds like an Andrew Lloyd Webber creation? Or maybe like what would happen if Siegfried and Roy decided to start a metal band?

Basically, you’re thinking I made up this “vital breaking news” horseshit as just an excuse to put a hot piece of eye candy up on our site in a desperate attempt to lure more readers?

Well, so fucking what if I did? Just cut me a little slack. Just this once. I had a late night.

(Thank you Blabbermouth for this vital piece of news.)