Nov 172019


I have a lot to cover today, not counting a big stack of new albums I might mention by way of excerpts tomorrow, as I did last week, so by way of introduction I’ll say only that I grouped the two sets of songs in these two Parts in a purposeful way. Here, there’s a lot of heart-rending distress to be found (among other things). For the most part, what will come in Part 2 is much more… demonic.


For more than a decade, Harakiri For the Sky‘s vocalist J.J. has maintained a solo project named Karg, whose discography will soon include a seventh album entitled Trakat. The first single, “Irgendjemand wartet immer“, was released a few days ago. I think it’s best introduced through J.J.‘s comments about the album as a whole: Continue reading »

Oct 172016



Across four albums beginning in 2008, the music of the Austrian band Karg has changed with the moods and maladies of its sole creator, J.J., who is also a member of the fantastic Harakiri For the Sky. A fifth album named Weltenasche will be released in November by Art of Propaganda, and it reflects still further changes in Karg’s musical journey. As a sign of what it holds for listeners, we’re pleased to bring you the debut of the album’s second track, “Alles wird in Flammen stehen“.

The song exerts a powerful attraction, interweaving elements of black metal and post-rock, combining hard-driving rhythms and pummeling heaviness with shining, shimmering lead guitar melodies that cast a haunting spell. Continue reading »