Oct 172016



Across four albums beginning in 2008, the music of the Austrian band Karg has changed with the moods and maladies of its sole creator, J.J., who is also a member of the fantastic Harakiri For the Sky. A fifth album named Weltenasche will be released in November by Art of Propaganda, and it reflects still further changes in Karg’s musical journey. As a sign of what it holds for listeners, we’re pleased to bring you the debut of the album’s second track, “Alles wird in Flammen stehen“.

The song exerts a powerful attraction, interweaving elements of black metal and post-rock, combining hard-driving rhythms and pummeling heaviness with shining, shimmering lead guitar melodies that cast a haunting spell.




The pulsing energy of the song ebbs and flows, with a ghostly instrumental section beautifully layered with chiming, clean guitars bounded on both sides by powerfully surging aggressiveness, accented by intense, jagged vocals that convey unbounded fury. And the storm subsides a second time with a beautiful piano piece drawing the song to its end. It’s the kind of multifaceted song, both irresistibly propulsive and mesmerizing, that draws the listener in immediately, and keeps a tight grip straight through to the end.


Art of Propaganda will release Weltenasche on November 14. If you like what you hear, the album can be pre-ordered here:


In addition to our premiere of “Alles wird in Flammen stehen”, below you can also listen to a previously released track, “…und blicke doch mit Wut zurück”.





  1. Thank you very much, I didn’t know this guy was a member of the fabolous Harakiri for the sky. Of course I needed to check him out and this is fantastic. 🙂

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