Sep 212017


Almost  two years on from the release of their debut album Anxiety Never Descending, the Polish death metal band Kult Mogił (whose name translates to “cult of graves”) have surfaced again with a new EP named Portentaque. It is an immaculate rendering of madness, each of its three tracks intricately plotted, constantly changing, persistently fascinating, and deeply unnerving.

The EP will be released by Pagan Records on September 29, and today we’re helping to premiere what has become one of my favorite EPs of 2017. Continue reading »

Nov 102015

Kult Mogil album cover final


December 24 is the date Pagan Records has set for the release of Anxiety Never Descending, the debut album by the Polish death metal band Kult Mogił. In advance of the album’s release, today we bring a sample of what lies within it through our premiere of the third track, “Serene Ponds”.

The band have explained that their name does not translate to “sepulchral cult”, but is instead better understood as “cult of graves” — and as you will discover, it’s a fitting name. Because there is nothing serene about “Serene Ponds”. Continue reading »