Jan 072019


At the not-inconsiderable risk of overwhelming our visitors with new music, I’m following up yesterday’s two-part round-up of music from the black(ened) realms with another collection of new tracks. One of them is yet another example of black metal, but the songs that follow are much more wide-ranging in their styles — I made a conscious decision to compile a varied playlist that I hope will be appealing, but will at least keep you off-balance. All the songs are from forthcoming albums.


Beginning last October, Chicago’s Of Wolves began rolling out three songs that they had originally composed as separate pieces but then, after noticing the interesting flow among them when performed live, decided to combine into a single track on their new album, Balance. The first of those, “Clear Cutting”, premiered at DECIBEL; the second, “Bloodshed”, premiered at our own site in November; and the third, “Heart To Hand”, got its debut at Sludgelord last month.

Now the band have released a combined video for these combined tracks, and as of today have made it available for download on Bandcamp. Continue reading »

Nov 012018


You’re about to be plummeted into a war zone, victimized by a stunningly powerful assault of sound. Your pulse will race, your head will rattle, bruises will appear as if by magic, and we’re willing to bet you’ll be smiling all the way through this slaughtering experience.

The song is “Perpetual Sickness” and it comes from the new EP by the Bay Area death/thrash band Laceration, which is set for release on November 16th by Rotted Life Records. Continue reading »