Nov 222013

(NCS contributor Austin Weber brings us news of a new label signing and a new single from littledidweknow.)

A few months back I wrote here at NCS about a talented local group from my hometown of Louisville, KY, called littledidweknow. At the time, they had just released their lengthy spectacular debut called Lucid Happenings. Now a few months later, and Subliminal Groove Records just announced that they have signed littledidweknow.

A guitar playthrough for a new song called “Permagrin” was released to accompany this signing announcement. This song gives us more of their chopped-up presentation of metal, both technical and brutal, and quite groovy with piercing death metal outbursts spiraling out of control while erupting with vicious vocal assaults and some excellent tapping- and shred-accompanied breakdowns: Continue reading »

Jul 252013

(NCS contributor Austin Weber is back with us, putting the spotlight on a Kentucky band named littledidweknow.)

As any fan of music should know, personal taste is the biggest indicator of what we enjoy. The merits of good and bad are debatable, and so it’s always amused me to see the hordes come out of the woodwork to wield the word “masturbatory” with an unrighteous vengeance. Unfortunately, that subset of metal fans simply don’t understand that music can be technical with a purpose and not just for show.

More then anything, it comes down to songwriting skill, but it’s also a matter of personal preference — how each of us individually perceives the aesthetics (a particular genre/style) of music in relation to why we consider music to be good or bad. For people like me, it’s a matter of enjoying how these bands come up with interesting yet unconventional rhythms and the way in which they often revolve around complex, unique song structures.

Enter littledidweknow, a top-tier local act from my hometown of Louisville, KY. This is nowhere near run-of-the-mill, trying to play a style of local metal. littledidweknow is a band intent on a unique sound not constrained by one genre. Lucid Happenings is the result of a band who have been writing, playing live, and developing over several years, leading to an eclectic, intricate album with nary a moment of filler in its 48-minute run time. The experience of listening is disturbing on so many levels, and only grows better with repeated listens as you take everything in. From start to finish, littledidweknow deliver a sickening, ever-shifting ferocity, bound in technical, non-linear songwriting. Continue reading »