Nov 222013

(NCS contributor Austin Weber brings us news of a new label signing and a new single from littledidweknow.)

A few months back I wrote here at NCS about a talented local group from my hometown of Louisville, KY, called littledidweknow. At the time, they had just released their lengthy spectacular debut called Lucid Happenings. Now a few months later, and Subliminal Groove Records just announced that they have signed littledidweknow.

A guitar playthrough for a new song called “Permagrin” was released to accompany this signing announcement. This song gives us more of their chopped-up presentation of metal, both technical and brutal, and quite groovy with piercing death metal outbursts spiraling out of control while erupting with vicious vocal assaults and some excellent tapping- and shred-accompanied breakdowns:

Not only does the new song go in a somewhat different direction from their debut, but having seen them play several other new songs live recently, their future output will continue to see their sound progress and get stuck deep in your brain, tempting you to Hulk-smash everything in sight.

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  1. Why do I find more local metal through the internet than I do by living and going to shows in Louisville? I think I’ve heard of these guys before, maybe I just didn’t think they did metal because of their band name. It sounds like a teen rock act from a live action Disney film. I’ll have to check them out the next time they’re playing around here.

    • They don’t have any shows lined up currently but you really should come out the next time they play as they are monstrous and spot on live! What’s your name? I’m curious if I know you since I know about half of Louisville it seems!

      • Yeah, Louisville is kind of a small town at heart. My name is Tom Crowley. I don’t know if we’ve met, I don’t know many other metal fans around here. I’m not very social at shows (unless you count moshing as being social, but you don’t catch many names that way).

        • Are you aware of metal mondays at The Taproom on Monday nights starting at 11pm? Basically they let you bring in a ipod/phone with a 20 minute metal playlist and keep ’em playing all night long. Last week I heard morbid angel followed by decapitated followed by Thy Art Is Murder and a lot of rad stuff! You should come sometime. In fact, this upcoming Monday, a awesome local metal band called Eschatos will be playing first–followed by metal monday playlists!

  2. Lucid Happenings is an amazing album, i can’t wait to hear more new stuff

  3. Congrats to these guys, really happy for them.

    My band is working on a full length at the moment, we’re also from Louisville. Check us out on We’d really appreciate it!

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