Apr 152017


One good thing about Good Friday was that my workplace had a holiday and so I stayed home, and therefore spent some time Friday night working my ears through a list of new metal I made this week instead of getting hammered with my co-workers, which is what usually happens on Fridays after work. As an additional bonus, I felt clear-headed this morning and ready for more listening (though with my head, “clear” is a relative term).

In an effort to keep this Saturday playlist from becoming too bloated, I decided not to write about some things that I figured most of our visitors have probably already discovered. But just in case you missed them, you can use these links to find the full stream of Nightbringer‘s new album at CVLT Nation (which we reviewed here), the first single from Suffocation‘s new album, a new Oranssi Pazuzu EP (Kevät/Värimyrsky), and a new song from the next Impetuous Ritual album.


As explained in this review, I really, really liked Slægt‘s debut EP, Beautiful and Damned, and I chose one of its electrifying tracks for our list of 2015’s Most Infectious Songs. With an expanded line-up, Slægt have recorded their first album, I Smell Blood, which is slated for release on May 5 by Ván Records. Its name is Domus Mysterium. Continue reading »

Aug 232012

Masachist is a Polish band I feel I should have known about before now, given that they include two members of Vesania — drummer Dariusz “Daray” Brzozowski  (formerly with Vader, and live drummer for Dimmu Borgir) and bassist Filip “Heinrich” Halucha — and two former members of Decapitated — vocalist Wojciech “Pig”/”Sauron” Wasowicz (Anal Stench) and bassist Heinrich again — in addition to whirlwind guitarists Thrufel (ex-Azarath) and Aro (Shadows Land, Torquemada).

The band released their debut album (Death March Fury) in 2009, and they have a follow-up entitled Scorned due for release on September 3 via Selfmadegod Records. Yesterday the band released a song from the new album called “Opposing Normality”, which follows a previously released track, “The Process of Elimination”. Both songs are definitely worth hearing.

The music is bone-jarring death metal, fast and technical but somewhat unorthodox in its approach, with scale-leaping, minor-key riffs, unexpected ambient passages, and eerie soloing. There’s an alien quality to the songs, both machine-like and insectile, like the scurrying and swarming of a hive of bio-mech centipedes the size of mastiffs. It’s both brutal and otherworldly, like a death metal version of Blotted Science.

I’m digging this strange brew, but I’m curious what you make of it. Check out the two songs after the jump and leave some comments. Continue reading »