Oct 102019


I first stumbled across the Swiss band Matterhorn in the spring of last year when they had two songs up for streaming in advance of Iron Bonehead‘s CD release of their debut album, Crass Cleansing, and came away very impressed. I had a tough time categorizing the music, describing it then as a stew of extremity that included elements of thrash, speed metal, punk, black metal, and death metal. I further wrote:

“The overall impact is electrifying, not merely because of the speed and explosive energy of the tracks, but also because of the band’s skill in shifting gears on a dime, which they do frequently. The intricacy of their movements and the songwriting skill on display here, coupled with their palpably feral ferocity, set this apart from the vast majority of debuts.”

Now, Crass Cleansing will be reissued on November 22nd by Redefining Darkness Records (U.S.) and Dying Victim Productions (Europe) on CD, and in a new vinyl edition that has been remixed and remastered. The new edition also includes two new bonus tracks (recorded live), as a sign of what the band have been working on for the second album. One of those bonus tracks (“Bydying”) surfaced in August, and today we’re premiering the other one. Continue reading »

Aug 012019


The music in the first Part of today’s round-up of new music leaned into the deathlier side of the metal spectrum, but this second Part is more all-over-the-place. Once again, I’m starting with the announcement of a new album, even though I don’t yet have music from the record to share with you.


We don’t make a habit of simply posting announcements of new releases because there wouldn’t be enough hours in the day for that kind of thing. Plus, our main mission is to recommend music we enjoy that we’ve actually heard. But this week I’ve made several exceptions to that rule based on the eye-catching nature of cover artwork, coupled with high levels of confidence that the music is going to be exciting. I’m doing it again here, in the case of funeral doom icons Esoteric and Lisa Schubert‘s cover artwork for their new album, A Pyrrhic Existence. Continue reading »

Apr 202018


Happy 4/20. For those of you already feeling a little hazy (correction: even hazier than usual), we have one premiere a bit later today that will suit you very well. But I decided to start the day with a selection of new songs that will scrape the haze right off of you with razors. Sorry about that.


If you’re a lover of hammering and hideous death metal that thrives on upheaval, Come Ethereal Somberness should be on your radar screen. That’s the debut album by the Danish band Taphos that’s set for release on June 8 by Blood Harvest Records and Helter Skelter Productions. I’ve been too harried to listen to all of it yet, but the two songs you can stream on Bandcamp are very, very promising. I featured one of them (“Impending Peril“) at our site months ago, but now there’s a second one: “Thrive In Upheaval“. Continue reading »