Sep 202021


In late August of this year we published an interview by our Russian colleague Comrade Aleks with members of the Ukrainian doom/death metal band Mental Torment. The focus of the interview was the band’s forthcoming second album, ego:genesis, which will be released on September 29th by Metallurg Music. As described in the interview, the album unfolds as a story, with each song as a chapter. And as the press materials further explain, it represents “the attempt to explore that depth of despair and horror that inexorably approaches us every day closer and closer – no one can escape death. But at the same time, it is also a search for answers that can help to accept the inevitability of the outcome of earthly existence”.

In creating this musical narrative the band employed elements of classical doom and death metal, but didn’t confine themselves to those. As related in the interview: “The main approach is that almost all our songs do not have typical verse-chorus-verse-chorus structure. Each song has its own beginning and its own end. This time, we tried to mix classic Doom Metal with nearest genres as well as unrelated modern ones.” The songwriting approach used what was necessary to tell the tale: “Because it’s really similar to real life. Nothing is linear. The whole human path is a set of uphills and downhills.”

These insights ring true when you hear the crushing but beautiful song we’re premiering today, a track named “Conclusion” — though it’s not the one that ends the album. Although no two songs on the album are exactly in the same musical vein, this one should especially appeal to lovers of funeral doom. Continue reading »

Aug 242021

(Here, Comrade Aleks presents his interview of members of the Ukrainian band Mental Torment, whose new album Ego:genesis will be released on September 29, 2021.)

Mental Torment (Kyiv, Ukraine) was born 12 years ago. Back then the doom/death scene in the ex-USSR territories had already started to grow and develop, yet the guys took their time. Thus Mental Torment’s debut album On the Verge… saw the light of day in 2013. They pointed in the direction they wanted to follow, and though such a doom/death piece couldn’t offer any innovative ideas, it was ok. The band was silent for a few years playing occasional gigs and announcing a rotation in the lineup but out of nowhere Metallurg Music proclaimed the release of Mental Torment’s sophomore work, ego:genesis.

The official press kit sounds curious: “The album will bring a fresh view of the traditional Doom Metal genre. From acoustic ballads and funeral vibes to sludgy and modern progressive music.”  As you know “traditional doom” is associated with clean-singing bands whose names are known to any doom-cultists, and at the end of the day I tell you that the second part of this official statement is correct, as Mental Torment really add the afore-mentioned sludge and post elements to a classic doom death fundament.

So, ego:genesis turns to be absolutely another new chapter in the band’s discography, and Mental Torment‘s collective mind is ready to give us some clues about how all of this happened. Continue reading »