May 062022

Moonshade are a melodic extreme metal band from Porto, Portugal, who are now more than a decade into a promising career. Their second album, As We Set the Skies Ablaze, is now set for release on July 22nd. With one single from the album (“Epitaph“) already out in the world, today we’re helping spread the word about a second one, which is presented through a lyric video.

This newest single, “Blood of the Titans“, draws upon ancient Greek mythology to confront humankind with a choice, and fashion a message, and it does that through melodic death metal that’s electrifying in its vibrancy and magnificence. Continue reading »

Mar 292019


In October of last year Art Gates Records released the debut album Sun Dethroned by the melodic death metal band Moonshade from northern Portugal. As explained by the band, the album is “a conceptual work that deals with a two-sided personification of the human condition, in the form of two romantically involved main characters that symbolize the abstract concepts of ‘good’ and ‘evil’: Lenore and God of Nothingness, the latter represented in the album cover”. As Moonshade further explain:

“Throughout this piece a story is told of which the most important events are the death of Lenore (“good”), that leads God of Nothingness (“evil”) towards a spiraling descent into wrath and madness, eventually consuming all reality, including himself, finally abandoning his pitiful existence in a sea of regrets where, in essence, he mourns his lost love and mourns the innocence of his madness. In short, Sun Dethroned functions as a parabola that highlights the need for balance while firmly stating the cost of its absence.”

Today we present the premiere of a music video made by the talented Portuguese filmmaker Guilherme Enriques for the title track to Sun Dethroned. Continue reading »