Jan 112021


(In this new interview Comrade Aleks put questions to the two main members of the Italian band Mourning Mist, whose second album Amen was released last November by BloodRock Records.)

Mourning Mist hail from Perugia, Umbria. This Italian band was started back in 2013 by Mid. (drums, vocals) and Echerual (violin). A year later Kvasir (bass, vocals, guitars) joined and the crew started to explore the skills they had, playing different sorts of black metal in new territories.

Their self-titled debut appeared in 2015 and I’m still bewildered with this blackened eclectic mix of genres, but their sophomore album Amen (October, 2020) is clearer and closer to my doom-bound heart. The new material wears the mark of alchemical trials, yet general tone is recognizable for followers of traditional mournful doom metal.

We’ve made this interview with Echerual and Kvasir to learn more details about Mourning and Mist. Continue reading »