Jun 252015


Exactly one week ago we had the pleasure of premiering for you a fantastic track by the band Nachtterror from their forthcoming split on the Hypnotic Dirge label with fellow Canadians Altars of Grief — and today we’re equally happy to stream for you one of the songs by Altars of Grief — “In Dying Light”.

Entitled Of Ash and Dying Light, the vinyl version of the split includes two songs by each band, and the digital version will also come with a bonus track by Altars of Grief and two bonus tracks from Nachtterror.

“In Dying Light” is a thoroughly engrossing piece of music, from the isolated opening guitar notes to the huge wave of sound that soon follows it, from the sweeping, exalted melody to the rippling, finger-tapped bass notes and gunshot drum beats, from the anguished snarls to the sombre clean vocals. Continue reading »

Jun 182015


In July 2015, Hypnotic Dirge Records will release a split album by two Saskatchewan-based blackened doom metal bands — Nachtterror and Altars of Grief — which becomes available for pre-order today. The album is entitled Of Ash and Dying Light, and we’re giving you a taste of what it holds in store through our premiere of a Nachtterror track named “The Breath of the World Ablaze“.

Established in 2004, Nachtterror have previously released two EPs, 2008’s The Funeral of Man and 2012’s Beneath the Crimson Moon, and they’re currently at work on a debut album named Judgement. The vinyl version of this new split includes two songs by the band — the one we’re premiering today plus “Upon Ashen Shores”. In addition, the digital version of the album includes two bonus Nachtterror tracks (all vinyl orders will receive an automatic e-mail with the bonus tracks). Continue reading »