May 062020


Following their very well-received EP To Abide in Ancient Abysses, the German melodic black metal band Naxen completed work on their first full-length, a record entitled Towards the Tomb of Times, and it is now set for release by Berlin’s Vendetta Records on June 5th. As described in the promotional materials for the album, over the course of four tracks spanning more than 47 minutes of music, the record “explores the weakness of mankind, the unavoidable loss and the inevitable failure of our species”:

“Acknowledging that all hope is lost and remains redundant in the end, transcendence is sought through fire, the perishment of flesh and death as the ultimate liberation. These feelings of existential disappointment, depression and despair flow through the melodies, revolve in the lyrics and are captured in the visuals (by Arjen Kunnen)”.

These are serious subjects, and the music is a match in its tremendous dramatic power — as you will discover through our premiere of the opening track, “To Welcome the Withering“. Continue reading »