Mar 212022


Most of our parents tried to educate us about the importance of first impressions, even the ones who didn’t seem to be very good about setting a useful example. Many of us didn’t take the lesson seriously, or tried and failed often enough that we stopped caring. Necromante, however, learned the lesson well.

The first track on their new album XI, “The Equinox of New Aeon“, seizes attention with a haunting melody of piano and strings and two speakers (one of them gloomily beseeching and one of them demonstrably demonic) fighting to be heard. Even people who don’t speak the language can make out the name “Lucifer”.

But this is only the first piece of their first impression, and they answer their own call with the rest of it when “Lucifer Rising” floods the senses with diabolical riffing that blares, jolts, skitters, and darts, backed by drums that pummel and clatter, overlaid with scorching goblin snarls. The aroma of sulphur is strong, the black magic is vivid, and Lucifer does indeed rise as the music itself rises in a vision of infernal grandeur. Continue reading »

Sep 052017


The aroma of candle wax, sulphur, and pooling blood hangs about the song we’re about to premiere, which spawns ominous visions of necromantic sorcery and the horrifying apparitions made manifest by devilish incantations. The song is “Nekrokosmick Pentagram” and it comes from the debut album of the Brazilian band Necromante. Entitled The Magickal Presence of Occult Forces, the album will be released by Iron Bonehead Productions on October 6.

Necromante have already made their mark in the underground through the release of a pair of demos, an EP, and a live album, but the 41 minutes of music on this new work eclipses what they have achieved before. Continue reading »