Sep 282022

“Ripping riffs, bursting artillery, blood-spilling bass pulsation, and vomit from the infernal pit for eight hymns of black death and damnation, all forged in Satanic power and hammering darkness throughout endless morbidity.”

That’s how Osmose Productions has vividly announced Oath of Abhorrence, the forthcoming third album by the Italian decimators in Necromutilator. And if that message isn’t clear enough, we have these words from the band themselves: “Your god is still dead and we, servants of the Adversary, are still vomiting blood and pissing acid on his corpse and soul”.

No finesse or nuance there, and certainly no mercy. But words are one thing, and the sound is another, and the former must be tested against the latter. We give you the test today through our premiere of a track off the new album named “Cremation Sorcery“. Continue reading »

Oct 202014

As mentioned earlier today, I spent a chunk of time yesterday listening to new songs and found many to recommend. By happenstance, most of them were various flavors of death metal, so I altered the usual “Seen and Heard” title of these round-ups. And because I found so much new music I wanted to commend to your earholes, I divided it into two parts. Part One is here.


Necromutilator are a three-man band from Mantua, Italy, whose existence I discovered by browsing the Facebook page of Elektroplasma Musik, who will be distributing the band’s debut album on Terror From Hell Records. The debut album is entitled Eucharistic Mutilations, and the one song from it I’ve found so far on the web is “Fuck With Darkness”. Continue reading »