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As mentioned earlier today, I spent a chunk of time yesterday listening to new songs and found many to recommend. By happenstance, most of them were various flavors of death metal, so I altered the usual “Seen and Heard” title of these round-ups. And because I found so much new music I wanted to commend to your earholes, I divided it into two parts. Part One is here.


Necromutilator are a three-man band from Mantua, Italy, whose existence I discovered by browsing the Facebook page of Elektroplasma Musik, who will be distributing the band’s debut album on Terror From Hell Records. The debut album is entitled Eucharistic Mutilations, and the one song from it I’ve found so far on the web is “Fuck With Darkness”.

As the song’s name implies, these dudes aren’t fucking around — they’re fucking with darkness. The music is horrifyingly murky and destructive, choked with distortion and driven by riffs that sound like whirring saw blades and attention-grabbing drum bone-breakers. The abyssal vocals are the kind that sound like they were driven from a crypt because they  were too disturbing even for the poltergeist inhabitants.










After eight years, the Bay Area band Cretin have returned with a second album entitled Stranger. It will be released by Relapse Records on December 9. Last week an advance track premiered, which I was seduced into hearing because of these lyrics, which I really like:

“Long ago I spotted It: my double—every feature, perfect. It grinned as if to say, ‘We start and only end when one is dead.’ I swallowed all the pills prescribed, agonizing how to hide when It knew to look, and running was doomed since It owned my stride. I turned my home into a trap; beneath my bed I slept, and did the opposite of what I’d do, and lived, instead, a stranger. Oh, years did pass, how I grew old, and wisdom made this true: I knew I’d sold the good in me for time. I wonder, would It say the same? Having spent the bulk of years spoiling joy with fear, I wished—almost—It would come at last. When quite by chance I spied It. Unaware, It laughed beside a family of its own. How strange this felt, to barely recognize me in that way: so content”

The song’s name is “It”, and it’s a death/grind romp whose grinding, grooving, skull-cleaving mayhem contrasts with the poetic nature of the lyrics. Honestly, lyrics usually matter very little to me in listening to this kind of high-energy, raucous music, but in this case I’m as interested to read the rest of them as I am in listening to the rest of the music.

Stranger is available on CD and vinyl from the Relapse web store, or for digital pre-order at the Bandcamp link below.










No More Room In Hell seems to be a new project, consisting of vocalist Mark Gleed from the brutal death metal band Amputated and drummer/guitarist Anil Carrier (Binah, Towers of Flesh, The Solemn Curse, Theoktony — among others). Over the weekend they premiered the title track from their forthcoming self-titled debut album, which is described as the spawn of the members’ mutual love for death metal and classic horror movies.

“When there is no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth.” And if this song is the soundtrack to the zombie apocalypse, the dead will be stomping and grooving something fierce, while vomiting forth their malignant proclamations and shrieking with delight at the prospect of all those brains to be eaten. When the band put the pedal to the floor, it sounds like a piranha feeding frenzy, too.










Demonic Manifestation come to us from Colima, Mexico, and their debut album World of Horror will be released November 14 by Dan’s Crypt Records, with cover art by the talented Juanjo Castellano. I found two things from the album yesterday — a teaser reel on YouTube and two complete songs on Bandcamp: “Graveyard Rites” and “Funeral Fuck”. I’ve embedded all that stuff below.

This is rough and raw old school death metal with a healthy dose of Swedish in the curriculum. It’s got the tone, it’s got the beat of a rushing-freight-train, it’s got needling leads and rumbling bass and catchy riffing, it’s got the voice of a demon with throat cancer. Entombed and Dismember fans rejoice (and get ready to convulse)!

Pre-order at Dan’s Crypt Records.






  1. The lyrics on _Freakery_ are definitely a cut above the usual deathgrind /goregrind fare–they’re weird and funny, but not in a juvenile way. I think you’re right that the lyrics to this new track are also really intriguing–they read like an existentialist parable, and fit well with the cover art. Very excited about this album.

  2. Demonic Manifestation is fantastic, I’m marking that one on the calendar!

    • ¡Good choice! Jejeje. Hail from Colima to all the old-school Death Metal freaks out there! We really want to enjoy our music. Cheers!

      César García-Bass (Demonic Manifestation)

  3. Loving Cretin and Demonic Manifestation.

    • Wait for the whole album and listen to it, I’m shure you’ll enjoy it as much as we like to play it. Cheers from Colima, México.

      César García-Bass (Demonic Manifestation)

  4. Cretin lyrics are 100% personal and Marissa has a lot to speak about herself and all her path during the past 6 years. Clean lyrics about her real life story!

    Good efforts from Demonic Manifestation & No More Room in Hell. DM Prevails!

  5. The Demonic Manifestation CD its out now !!! Get your copy now at Dan´s Crypt Records official website


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