Aug 042021


The German black thrashing extremists in Nocturnal should need no introduction. For the last decade-plus, they’ve been scorching eardrums and adrenalizing bloodstreams in ever-more formidable and ferocious fashion, while continuing their quest for the perfect combination of sound and slaughter that best represents their violent and venomous ethos.

On the other hand, Nocturnal don’t pump out albums quickly, and it’s been seven years since their last one, 2014’s Storming Evil, with only one split to fill the space. Thankfully, they’re now ready to release their fourth full-length, Serpent Death, which includes a changed line-up to accompany founding guitarist Avenger.

What we have for you today is the premiere of a blistering track from the new album, one that will jet your energy levels into hyper-drive. Continue reading »

Dec 182013

Collected in this post are a handful of new songs (and three new videos) that I heard and saw last night. There’s a little bit of everything in here, culled from a lot of other things I found in my rambling through the interhole. Two of the new things are exceptions to our rule, and two involve female vocalists. Hope you like all of this diverse music as much as I did.


Nocturnal (pictured above) are a German band who came to life around 2000 “out of the ashes of Bestial Desecration”, dedicated to churning out teutonic thrash in homage to bands such as Destruction and Sodom. Yesterday they released a new video for a song named “Rising Demons”, which will appear on the band’s forthcoming album Storming Evil — their first in almost four years. It will be released by High Roller Records on February 28, 2014.

The song is a hell of a lot of evil-sounding fun — with whirling dervish riffs, a straightforward but nonetheless compulsive drumbeat, and Tyrannizer’s blackened howling vocals, which sound like a wildcat with esophageal cancer. The DIY video is also fun — B-movie clips interspersed with band performance clips, all in B&W of course. So strap on your bullet belt and spiked gauntlets and check out this thrashing unholiness: Continue reading »