Jun 032013

(Guest writer Old Man Windbreaker returns to NCS. After some initial confusion, he delivers an album review.)

Greetings once again from Old Man Windbreaker’s oldmancave of broken winds. Yes.

Today, you shall learn about Noein, and One’s contempt for the people behind it.

One is, of course, speaking about the Japanese anime called “Noein”. It presents a sci-fi multi-verse with high-minded quantum-physics-inspired concepts. It also features a fictional dog, like any good anime should. But, One hates them for it. And this is why… Continue reading »

Mar 272013

(In this post TheMadIsraeli reviews the recently released debut album by French metal band Noein.)

Noein are a fun discovery I stumbled upon by pure accident.  That album art you see above intrigued me, the fact they were female-fronted caught my attention, but most attractive of all was the fact that they labeled their music Industrial Death metal.  I’m always into shit with this tag, even if I almost always disagree that its death metal in scope.

Noein are definitely not death metal, but they display a feral insanity that’s comparable to the likes of old Strapping Young Lad.  Besides SYL influence, what you get is sort of a combination of Threat Signal, Chimaira, and Fear Factory.  Their newest album Infection-Erasure- Replacement is a ballsy, brutal, and savage assault full of industrial-tinged groove and frantic explosions of chaos.

The mood established by this album’s opening track “I.E.R” really sets the tone for the record.  The atmosphere channeled here is futuristic and cold, but with an odd sense of grandeur to it, with swelling synthesizers and ambient guitars.  When the metal kicks in, the track is like a machine revving up to full power, preparing for mass carnage. Continue reading »