Jun 032013

(Guest writer Old Man Windbreaker returns to NCS. After some initial confusion, he delivers an album review.)

Greetings once again from Old Man Windbreaker’s oldmancave of broken winds. Yes.

Today, you shall learn about Noein, and One’s contempt for the people behind it.

One is, of course, speaking about the Japanese anime called “Noein”. It presents a sci-fi multi-verse with high-minded quantum-physics-inspired concepts. It also features a fictional dog, like any good anime should. But, One hates them for it. And this is why…


Meet Ein, the pembroke welsh corgi from the universe of the anime “Cowboy Bebop”. He is the most adorable dog in anime ever. Anyone who says otherwise must suffer molestation by a moose. Now, Noein is obviously a loud & clear declaration of dislike for Ein. Firstly, it’s in the bloody title – “No-Ein”! Secondly, the one dog in the show is not a pembroke welsh corgi, any other corgi breed, or any kind of corgi crossbreed!

So what if the show has a jagged art style, has an intricately built-up world, and deals with mature concepts (by anime standards at least)?

Noein, Y U NO LOVE EIN?! They must die! By Moose!

Oh, wait a minute… One wasn’t supposed to be reviewing the anime “Noein”, but the album Infection – Erasure – Replacement by Noein. Also, “noein” apparently means “to know” in greek.

Welp. That makes sense now.

Let’s start over then. Here’s Noein, a band from France who play a kind of extreme metal with industrial metal influences.

The previous review of the album on this site compares the style of music to that of Strapping Young Lad and Fear Factory. But, One more immediately thinks of the less intense of Gorod’s music – straightforward groovy death metal. Sure, they don’t present the kind of orchestrated chaos that is present in SYL’s sound, or the machine-like drumming of Fear Factory. But, they give you everything else that’s good – the bang-compelling riffs, the groovy bass, the gravy vocals, the continuous assault of the drums, the perfect interlude tracks, the long hair…

The artwork is pretty cool, though confusing to One. One could tell you that the lyrics gave One nightmares and made One giggle like a little girl while at gym, but One has no clue what they are yet. One liked the track “Will Live” the most, mainly for the clean singing at the end which One wishes there was more of. But, what else this music is made of, One struggles to describe.

In any case, this could turn out to be one of the albums on One’s year-end list this year – One hasn’t headbanged as hard (at all actually) since last year’s L’Enfant Sauvage by Gojira and A Perfect Absolution by Gorod.


  3 Responses to “NOEIN, Y U NO LOVE EIN?!”

  1. One forgot to ask the band Noein, “Do you not love Ein?”
    So Noein, do you not love Ein? (O_ō)

  2. Windbreaker, You So Crazy!
    Off topic: I got 4 episodes in to Noein and stopped, cant remember why. Maybe I’ll get back on it this weekend.

  3. pretty cool stuff, heavier than i was expecting. i might have to check out more of them

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