Jan 222019


It isn’t uncommon for current bands to honor the giants of the past on whose shoulders they stand, and whose music provided both inspiration to their own creativity and vicious joy to their own listening. But the homage that Pánico Al Miedo (Spain) and Sol De Sangre (Colombia) have paid to their own death metal heroes in a new split is still something very special.

La Senda De La Muerte is the name of this new split. It will be released on CD by Germany’s War Anthem Records on January 25th and in a cassette tape edition by Scotland-based Camo Pants Records on March 1st. It includes Sol De Sangre‘s covers of songs by Entombed and Unleashed, and Pánico Al Miedo‘s covers of songs by Pestilence and Death. And while both of these excellent bands have taken significant steps to link these recordings to the era that gave them birth, they’ve also put their own stamp on the music — perhaps most significantly, they’ve reinterpreted the lyrics in Spanish, giving the songs a new kind of vibe and atmosphere. Continue reading »

Jun 202018


Last fall we had the good fortune to premiere a track named “Rompe El Cepo” off the new album by the Spanish band Pánico Al Miedo, accompanied by a video that made good use of the album’s cover art (created by that famous connoisseur of the grotesque, Ed Repka). Since then, the band released a second video (for “La Fuente“), which is an eye-catcher of a different kind, and the album itself was released by a consortium of labels in April.

And now we get to bring you a third video for the album Formador, a Spanish-language lyric video for a song named “Cebos Vivos“, which seems to mean “live bait” in English. And in case you missed the first two videos or the album as a whole, we’re including streams of all of that, too! Continue reading »

Mar 222018


Feast your eyes upon the vibrant cover art up above, which was created by that famous connoisseur of the grotesque, Ed Repka. Now imagine it beginning to move, to swarm, to pulsate with ghoulish life.

Actually, you don’t have to tax your imagination, because the video we’re bringing you today does all of those things with Mr. Repka’s creation. And it provides a very fitting accompaniment to the song you’ll hear — “Rompe El Cepo” — which is one of many electrifying thrill rides on Formador, the debut album by Pánico Al Miedo from Barcelona, Spain. The album will be released by a consortium of fine labels in a variety of formats on April 27th. Continue reading »