Jul 132020


(Vonlughlio returns with a strong recommendation for an under-the-radar album released in April by the Thai band Pathological Sadism via Amputated Vein. The label recommends it for fans of Heinous Killing, Goretrade, Devourment, Acranius, and Vulvectomy.)

Today I want to recommend Realms of The Abominable Putrefaction, the debut album of Pathological Sadism from Thailand, which was released by Amputated Vein Records on April 24th. For me it was a welcome surprise — I was not aware of this project and listened to it without any expectations.

I decided to look back into the project and learned that its inception was in 2011 and that they released their first EP in 2013, which turned out to be 16 minutes of pure BDM stravaganzza which captivated me once the first note dropped. After this, the band went quiet until 2017 when they released a two-song demo that continued the path from their previous effort. Continue reading »