Nov 092012

The excellent Seattle-based black metal band Inquisition was scheduled to perform in Singapore for the first time on November 29 at the True Metal Invasion festival, along with Onslaught, Desecration, Deathhammer, and local bands Skullmania, Lavatory (featured at NCS here), and Balberith.

Unfortunately, it appears that Singapore’s government was not as thrilled about this idea as Singaporean metal fans. Not long ago, the following statement appeared on the Facebook page of Inquisition:

“Attention: Government Media Authorities of Singapore have banned Inquisition from their public appearance at True Metal Invasion Festival that was due on November 29 2012. Essentially Inquisition is banned from Singapore and according to the government, it is due to the band’s themes. We apologize to fans in Asia, this is beyond our control. Inquisition performs classic unholy Black Metal of its truest form and will continue as such.”

I admire Inquisition’s outward stoicism in the face of this terribly disappointing and hurtful news. I worry, however, that they may be weeping inside. So I would just like to tell the band that they can hold their heads high, because they are in good company. Continue reading »