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We’ve never written about a Malaysian metal band in the nearly three years that NCS has been fouling up the interhole. If you had asked me two days ago to name a Malaysian metal band, I couldn’t have done it. I know there’s a scene there, and my guess is that, like a lot of Southeast Asian metal, it’s dominated by brutal/technical death metal and grindcore bands, but as for concrete facts, I had none.

However, within these last two days, by sheer coincidence, I’ve come across two Malaysian bands, both of whom have recently been signed by noteworthy record labels: Lavatory and Humiliation. They’re both devoted to old school death metal (though not the same kind), they’re both working on their label debuts, and they both sound tasty.


It seems this band (above) is very new, having released their first music in the form of an EP called Transgression just earlier this summer (which I found on cassette at Hells Headbangers). But that EP was enough to snag the attention of Pulverised Records, who signed them for the release of a debut album.

Pulverised can be relied upon to deliver quality, and by “quality” I mean death metal that the average human skull isn’t strong enough to withstand. So the Pulverised signing alone was grounds for high hopes. I also found a song from Transgression that provides further grounds. Its name is “Blinded By Darkness”, and it’s a goddamn good song. The power of the filth is strong with these young ones.

Atmosphere is king on this song, and the atmosphere is thick with disease. It’s a mid-paced monster, with throat-scraping punked-out vocals, galvanizing hooks, and a thoroughly nekro air. It also includes an extended guitar solo that’s truly inspired. The music is both retro and highly relevant at the same time. Listen up:



Humiliation seem to have been around the block a few more times than Lavatory, with three albums to their credit already. The most recent one was From Strength To Strength, released in May 2012. They’ve recently signed a multi-album deal with Deepsend Records and are working on the fourth album for that label.

Deepsend is a Rhode Island-based label and home to other bands we’ve praised around here, including Detrimentum, CoffinsThe Cleansing, Deus Otiosus, and Embryonic Devourment. Once again, their interest in Humiliation was reason enough to start me hunting around for a taste of their music.

I found sample tracks from all of the band’s releases HERE , but the music I checked out consisted of two songs from the most recent album that the band uploaded to YouTube : “Bukit Kepong” and “Days of Terror”.

“Bukit Kepong” is a tank monster of thundering down-tuned riffage with a crushing death/doom breakdown and excellent drumming. Total headbang heroin. “Days of Terror” stomps like a mighty golem raised up from the mud dragging decayed corpses in its wake. Primal, chug-heavy, Bolt Thrower worship, and awfully fucking sweet. Check ’em out:

There is clearly more going on in Malaysian metal than I guessed, with at least these two bands keeping the old school flame burning. I’m sure it’s difficult for bands in Malaysia to make an impact outside the region, but perhaps the backing of Lavatory and Humiliation by Pulverised and Deepsend will help shine brighter lights on the Malaysian scene internationally. We’ll be keeping our eyes open for these two albums.



  1. Have you heard of Rator? They’re Malaysia’s first blackened death metal band.

  2. Greetings!

    Both bands above- Lavatory and Humiliation- are GREAT!

    I congratulate Lavatory on getting signed so quickly, and lest we forget- their “Transgression” EP is on CD format on my label, Slaughterhouse Records (see link)- within two weeks of releasing this, they got snatched up by Pulverised, and the rest is history!

    And yes, we are working with Humiliation as well- a split 7″ ep with Warmaster (Netherlands) will be issued sometime next year by Slaughterhouse Records!

    In the meantime, go pick up a Lavatory c.d. and some of our other great releases!

    The DEATH is out there…

  3. ohh..Lavatory ni power ni..den kona budak budak ni..dulu sumuo alim alim ngaji sekolah agama

  4. Don’t forget BLACKFIRE( black/heavy metal godfather since 1982),RATOR(black/death metal legend),PICAGARI,NEMESIS,ATHOTORGH,HEREAFTER(thrashhhhhhh),SILKHANNAZ(king of METAL),SILENT DEATH,NECROTIC CHAOS(brutal death),BRAINDEAD(dark metal lord),NEBIRAS,ARADIA,HAYAGRIVA,SAUTS ALASTOR,IMPERIAL(sons of eastern blackness),CATTARH,MANDATORY(metal!!!!),VOCIFERATION ETERNITY,MODAR(prog/doom pioneer),INFECTIOUS MAGGOTS,VOMIT,DAMOKIS(Indus-grind),WAR666,CROWN OF THORNS,MANTAK(Extreme war metal terrorist)…….


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