Apr 222013

There’s a theme to this post. Can you guess what it is?


I’m so far behind in listening to new albums that I’ve given up home of ever catching up. The new one named Bloodlines from Howl is one I really want to hear. But so far all I’ve heard are two tracks, both of which are publicly streaming. I thought today would be a good day to mention them because today I saw the complete album art for Bloodlines. Kicks ass, don’t it?

The two tracks you can hear at moment are “Your Hell Begins”, which premiered at Loudwire but is now on Soundcloud, and “Attrition”, which is now on YouTube and Bandcamp. The former is a diseased death/doom juggernaut that will throw you for a loop before it finishes, and the latter (also diseased) is an up-tempo number that jabs like a prize-fighter, but with a lot of sludgy, low-end weight. I like both of them. Continue reading »

Sep 012012

We’ve never written about a Malaysian metal band in the nearly three years that NCS has been fouling up the interhole. If you had asked me two days ago to name a Malaysian metal band, I couldn’t have done it. I know there’s a scene there, and my guess is that, like a lot of Southeast Asian metal, it’s dominated by brutal/technical death metal and grindcore bands, but as for concrete facts, I had none.

However, within these last two days, by sheer coincidence, I’ve come across two Malaysian bands, both of whom have recently been signed by noteworthy record labels: Lavatory and Humiliation. They’re both devoted to old school death metal (though not the same kind), they’re both working on their label debuts, and they both sound tasty.


It seems this band (above) is very new, having released their first music in the form of an EP called Transgression just earlier this summer (which I found on cassette at Hells Headbangers). But that EP was enough to snag the attention of Pulverised Records, who signed them for the release of a debut album.

Pulverised can be relied upon to deliver quality, and by “quality” I mean death metal that the average human skull isn’t strong enough to withstand. So the Pulverised signing alone was grounds for high hopes. I also found a song from Transgression that provides further grounds. Its name is “Blinded By Darkness”, and it’s a goddamn good song. The power of the filth is strong with these young ones. Continue reading »