Apr 222013

There’s a theme to this post. Can you guess what it is?


I’m so far behind in listening to new albums that I’ve given up home of ever catching up. The new one named Bloodlines from Howl is one I really want to hear. But so far all I’ve heard are two tracks, both of which are publicly streaming. I thought today would be a good day to mention them because today I saw the complete album art for Bloodlines. Kicks ass, don’t it?

The two tracks you can hear at moment are “Your Hell Begins”, which premiered at Loudwire but is now on Soundcloud, and “Attrition”, which is now on YouTube and Bandcamp. The former is a diseased death/doom juggernaut that will throw you for a loop before it finishes, and the latter (also diseased) is an up-tempo number that jabs like a prize-fighter, but with a lot of sludgy, low-end weight. I like both of them.

Bloodlines is coming to North America on April 30 via Relapse. It can be pre-ordered on the Relapse Bandcamp page for Howl.




I first wrote about this Malaysian death metal band in September of last year (here). Today I found out that in late May Deepsend Records will be releasing a new Humiliation album by the name of Turbulence From the Deep, and they’ve begun streaming a track from the album named “Phosphorous Shell”.

These dudes are still engaged in fervent worship of the almighty Bolt Thrower, but man are they good at it. “Phosphorous Shell” has so much primal, headbanginging appeal — the power of the riff is strong with these ones. Check it out below; the album can be ordered here:




While visiting the Deepsend Bandcamp page in order to check out that Humiliation track I discovered another new song from a band that’s new to me. Their name is Hybrid and they’re from Madrid and Vigo in Spain. Deepsend will be releasing their second full-length, Angst, on May 14, and it can be pre-ordered here.

What I found on Bandcamp was a stream of a track from the new album named “Flesh Fusion Threshold”. It cut a bunch of my neurons into small pieces and then spliced them together in new configurations that allow me to hear colors and see sounds. I seem to have grown a new pair of eyes in my forehead, too. All of which is to say that this unpredictable combination or grind, prog, tech-death, and jazz thoroughly scrambled my head and left me disoriented but grinning.

If I’ve ever heard anything quite like this, I’m forgetting it at the moment. I guess memory loss may be another side effect.



  1. Is it triple HHH as in the wrestler? God I hope I didn’t just shit on my own head. Hybrid are sick, first album was a ball busting overload of brutality! Hah! Aliteration!

  2. seriously dig the Howl tracks, looking forward to hearing the full album

  3. Damn. It’s been a while since I enjoyed some good old fashioned Satanic bloodletting. Howl is tastier like double-fried rhino nuts.

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