Nov 092020


By sheer coincidence the two video premieres we’re hosting at NCS today (the other one is here) are devoted to the music of two-person bands. But the music could hardly be more different. In the case of this one, imagine your mind as a pane of glass, and then think of the song as a hammer smashing it into shards.

The song in question is “She’s the Cousin of the Chainsaw“, and it’s off a forthcoming album named Content by PlasticBag FaceMask from Fresno, California. A two-man head-wrecking machine, it consists of Jacob Lee (Keeper, Elder Devil) and Patrick Hogan (Time Bomb, Shrug), who in this project have devoted themselves to creating a schizophrenic hybrid of math metal, grindcore, and death metal. The album will be released on on November 27th via PlasticSkull Records. Continue reading »