Jul 162021


As you can see, I had time enough yesterday to make my way through a lot of music that surfaced over the last week or so, and found a lot to like — even more than you’ll see here, because I decided to devote this round-up exclusively to songs with videos and leave the others for another time. The visual approaches are quite wide-ranging and so is the music. I decided to set them out in alphabetical order by band name, and that coincidentally turned out to make for an interesting sonic sequence.

Get popcorn, or whatever else you like to chew on while glued to a screen, and perhaps a preferred intoxicant, then sit back and get ruined or rapt or both.


Benighted teamed up with Metal Injection for the premiere of a lyric video for a new digital single, “A Personified Evil,” which includes guest vocals by Francesco Paoli from Fleshgod Apocalypse. As if the song weren’t slaughtering enough without him. Continue reading »

Nov 212014


(TheMadIsraeli reviews the new third album by the Israeli band Prey For Nothing.)

First, you should go check out my previous article on this band where I gave an overview of their music, as well as band-authorized downloads of their first two albums. I’d like to not waste time on the typical introductory shit today.

Melodic death metal nowadays really does need to be two things if it wants to be relevant and interesting. It needs depth, and it needs songwriting. While we’ve definitely seen this in the doom-driven aspect of the scene, every other approach to it has been more often than not done rather halfheartedly, much to my disappointment. Prey For Nothing definitely have the depth and the songwriting, taking their brand of Schuldiner-drenched melodic death-dealing proficiency to a new level of intricacy. Continue reading »

Nov 032014


Happy fucking Monday. Here’s a quartet of recommended songs that I discovered over the last 24 hours, which I hope will prove a good way to help you start your new week.


As previously reported in these pages, Tasmania’s Psycroptic and Prosthetic Records have joined forces to bring about the release of the band’s new self-titled album worldwide next spring (EVP Recordings will be handling the release in Australia, New Zealand, and Japan). To begin paving the way for the album release, tomorrow (November 4) Prosthetic will release a digital single from the new album, a song named “Echoes To Come”. I’ve gotten to hear the song in advance, and I’m really liking it. Continue reading »

Nov 052013

(TheMadIsraeli brings you an overview of an Israeli band named Prey For Nothing and free downloads of their two albums.)

Prey for Nothing are currently the best melodic death metal band in recent years you’ve never heard of. Their relative obscurity is unfortunate and the reasons hard to imagine; maybe they’re simply the victim of the tidal wave of music that circulates the internet, or maybe it’s their location (Israel), from which very few bands have made a name for themselves outside the country.  All I know is, this band, while relatively young, have not gotten their just due.  Their last record, Against All Good and Evil (2011), was a stunning sophomore effort and one of the best albums of its year.

So who are Prey for Nothing?  Basically, think of an amalgamation of sounds that borrow from schools of thought ranging from Death, to Kreator, to Insomnium, and beyond.  While definitely melodic death, Prey For Nothing would verge on simply being progressive death metal were it not for some of the more pedal-point riffy moments  and harmony/theme heavy guitar sections that are typically not native to death metal.  They are excellent songwriters, more progressively inclined than most, but only to spice things up and keep them interesting and not so much to show off how good they are.  The same goes on the technique front, as all of these guys are immensely talented at their craft, particularly guitarist/main composer Yaniv Aboudy, whose biting character of riffage is exceptionally complemented by his neo-classical flourishes and ferocious napalm spray tech displays.  The music is venomous, dignified, enigmatic and soul-reaping. Continue reading »

Jan 202012

(TheMadIsraeli’s former boss at The Metal Register, Kyle Brady, requested that he write a piece on Middle Eastern metal, and here we have it. We’ve spotlighted bands from that region in previous writing at NCS, and I’ll add some further examples at the end of this post.)

When I say “Middle East”, what comes to mind?  War?  Brutal weather conditions?  The desolation of endless expanse of desert?  Regardless of what you think of, it’s probably not a region you’d immediately associate with metal, but with the evolution of the internet and the advent of file-sharing, becoming a successful band over there is slowly but surely becoming more of an option as we speak.  As a result, over the last four so years, a rash of bands have cropped up who are proving they’re already prepared to take the world by storm.

Consider this a sort of primer, or introduction to bands from the Middle East, with a mix of older and newer. Without further delay let’s begin doing a little analysis of the kind of shit we got going on over there.

Continue reading »