Jan 192017


(We present Andy Synn’s review of the new album by Deviant Process from Québec City, Québec.)

Whichever way you slice it, last year was a very good year for fans of the more technical side of Death Metal. From the weird and the wonderful, to the brash and the brutal, 2016 offered a wealth of diverse delights and hidden gems across the length and breadth of the ever-expanding Tech Death spectrum.

And one of those hidden gems was Paroxysm, by Canadian destroyers Deviant Process.

So, as yet another part of my ongoing attempt to catch up with some of last year’s most overlooked and underrated albums, here’s my succinct summation of the band’s full-length debut.

It’s awesome. Now go buy it.

What? You wanted a bit more detail than that? Fine… but never say I don’t do anything for you! Continue reading »

Mar 292016

Deviant Process-Paroxysm


(Austin Weber introduces our premiere of a lyric video for song from the new album by Deviant Process from Quebec, Canada.)

I’ve been meaning to cover the new Deviant Process here at NCS for a while since I’ve previously only covered them at Metal-Injection. Luckily, I know Islander mentioned them recently in an article, but I’ll take any chance I can to cover these Canadian tech-death freaks again and their new album, Paroxysm.

In my initial assessment of it, I recommended it for fans of Quo Vadis and Augury, and while this is often more aggressive than both of those bands, it shares a certain element with both of them as far as the dense prog-oriented songwriting  and technical, melodic-infused take on tech-death goes. Continue reading »