Oct 292014

(Austin Weber reviews the new EP by Indiana’s Primordium.)

Imagine the slithery nature of Spawn Of Possession or Gorod meeting the brutality and heft of Beneath The Massacre, with the end result getting a hefty injection of melody, and you would arrive at the sound of Primordium. Primordium are a new upstart technical death metal group from Indianapolis, Indiana and Aeonian Obsolescence is their very first release as a band.

Islander premiered “The Incursion” not too long ago, and it was a dizzying introduction for those new to the band. While the release of this EP was shifted a few weeks back, it will finally be out this Friday and damn if it isn’t a killer release full of bestial cavernous growls, relentless rampaging hatred, classically influenced orchestral moments and some neo-classical leads, and catchy melodies with the occasional jazzy flamenco snippets hidden within. Continue reading »

Aug 012014


Today we’re helping to premiere the first song from the debut EP by an Indianapolis band named Primordium. Entitled Aeonian Obsolescence, the EP is coming your way this September via Lacerated Enemy Records. We would have been interested in hearing it even if it didn’t come packaged with the distinctive artwork of Mark Cooper on the cover, but that art… speared us right through the chest. And the song we’re premiering — “The Incursion” — speared us right through the head.

Primordium unabashedly plant their flag in the camp of technical death metal bands such as Spawn of Possession and Deeds of Flesh, delivering an accelerated flurry of jabbing, swarming riffs, machine-precise bursts of hyper-speed drumming, and blasts of gruff, percussive vocals. The music conjures images of an alien insectile horde dislodged from their hive in a fury, but the swirling guitar harmonies and soloing that surface in the song exude an unexpected warmth — “The Incursion” is catchy as well as head-spinning and lacerating. Continue reading »