May 012015


Unholy Anarchy Records and Anvileater Records will soon be releasing a 7″ split by two proven head-wreckers: Boston’s PanzerBastard and Sweden’s Rawhide. Entitled Black Hearts and White Lines, it’s got more energy in its five tracks than a municipal power plant pushed to the edge of a blackout. I was offered the chance to premiere one track of my choosing from each band’s contributions to the split. Picking just one turned out to be hard as hell, because everything on Black Hearts kicks ass — but this is the kind of problem I’d love to have every day of the week.


PanzerBastard have been cranking out demos, splits, and EPs since 2006, and this new release includes three more explosive blasts of mayhem. The track I picked for this premiere is “The Grand Bargain”. It’s a jolting rampage of punk-fueled metal that shifts into a lower gear before it’s over, hitting a groove that’s guaranteed to get heads moving while hosing you down with a bit of napalm shred at the same time. Hot shit. Continue reading »

Oct 052013

Metal is mood music.  A few recent cases in point:


“City Kids” puts you in the mood to pound six shots of whisky in rapid succession, rip your shirt off, start busting up the furniture, run out into the street and expose yourself to passing cars, pick fights in the nearest bar, black out, and wake up wondering how all that vomit got on your pants and whether that’s your blood in your mouth or someone else’s. Death punk ‘n’ roll.


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