Jul 302018


(Vonlughlio is back, and this time he brings us a review of the new album by the Indonesian brutal death metal band Reduced.)

This time around for NCS, I have the opportunity to write about a release from New Standard Elite, a BDM label that first began operations back in 2012. In those early days, I began talking to label owner Daniel (also the drummer for Inherit Disease) about BDM in general, bands we liked, and what he had envisioned for his label.

As time passed , the label signed amazing bands like Gorgasm, Cerebral Effusion, Disentomb, Seminal Embalmment, Chalera, Vulnus, Abnormal InhumaneHymenotomy, Nithing, Excoriation, and Abhorrent Castigation, to name only a few, and gained recognition around BDM as one of the best, and a favorite among fans around the globe. Of course, like anything in life, there are moments of difficulty, and the label was no exception to the rule. Continue reading »