Oct 202023

It’s been a long pause since the Australian death metal band Revulsed released their slaughtering debut album (Infernal Atrocity) in 2015. The band hasn’t been completely silent since then. A live album emerged in 2017, along with a scattering of cover songs (digitally compiled in 2019) featuring Revulsed‘s take on tracks by Cannibal Corpse, Testament, Death, and Gorguts.

But at long last Revulsed are now returning with another album or original music, this one entitled Cerebral Contamination, and Everlasting Spew Records will be releasing it on December 15th. To help pave the way, today we’re bringing you a track from the new album named “Beyond The Depths Of The Subconscious“. Continue reading »

Sep 032015

Autopsy-After the Cutting


I find myself in Alaska this morning, preparing for a day of toil for my fucking day job. This means that posts on our putrid site will be scarce today. I’m also behind (again) in putting together round-ups of news and new music. Before I have to immerse myself in what I’m paid to do, I thought I would at least compile a selection of things I spotted over the last couple of days — and this selection is based principally on the attractiveness of the album art.


As announced yesterday, the almighty Autopsy have two new  things headed our way. First, on November 13 Peaceville Records will release a jumbo set entitled After the Cutting that includes four discs “full of classics, new tracks and previously unheard rarities from deep within the band’s own archive”. This special release will also include “an expansive book penned by Dennis Dread recounting the career of the gore legend, featuring unseen photos and exclusive artwork”.

Wes Benscoter again handled the Autopsy artwork for After the Cutting. As you can see, it’s sick. Continue reading »