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Autopsy-After the Cutting


I find myself in Alaska this morning, preparing for a day of toil for my fucking day job. This means that posts on our putrid site will be scarce today. I’m also behind (again) in putting together round-ups of news and new music. Before I have to immerse myself in what I’m paid to do, I thought I would at least compile a selection of things I spotted over the last couple of days — and this selection is based principally on the attractiveness of the album art.


As announced yesterday, the almighty Autopsy have two new  things headed our way. First, on November 13 Peaceville Records will release a jumbo set entitled After the Cutting that includes four discs “full of classics, new tracks and previously unheard rarities from deep within the band’s own archive”. This special release will also include “an expansive book penned by Dennis Dread recounting the career of the gore legend, featuring unseen photos and exclusive artwork”.

Wes Benscoter again handled the Autopsy artwork for After the Cutting. As you can see, it’s sick.

And then, on November 27, Peaceville will release a new Autopsy album (on vinyl)  entitled Skull Grinder. The songs from that new album will also be included in the After the Cutting Compilation. Here’s Wes Benscoter’s artwork for the new album:


Autopsy-Skull Grinder


Also sick.

The After the Cutting collection can be pre-ordered here, and the Skull Grinder LP is available here.




Yellow Eyes-Sick In Bloom


About a week ago Gilead Media announced in a newsletter that it would be releasing a new LP in November by the NYC-based black metal band Yellow Eyes. It’s the band’s third and bears the title Sick In Bloom. I don’t know any further details at this point, but Yellow Eyes’ previous releases have been so strong that even this scant news is worth passing along.

I’ve included some Yellow Eyes music streams below (their last two EPs), for those new to the band. (Thank you to my friend Utmu for alerting me to this news.)









Par Olofsson-cover for Revulsed


This next item is the wonderful Pär Olofsson cover art for Infernal Atrocity, the debut album by a multinational band named Revulsed. The band’s line-up consists of two former members of Australia’s InExordium (guitarist Sheldon D’Costa and drummer Jayson Sherlock) and German vocalist Konstantin Lühring (Defeated Sanity, Despondency). Here’s the album cover with logo and title:


Revulsed-Infernal Atrocity


And here’s the official lyric video for a song from the album named “Agonising Putrid Self Infliction”. The album is projected for release sometime this fall. (And thanks once again to Utmu for linking me to this artwork.)








Sanzu-Heavy Over the Home


In June of this year my comrade Andy Synn reviewed the debut EP (Painless) by a Western Australian band named Sanzu, calling it one of the best releases he had heard this year — and it really is very, very good.

Andy’s review drew quite a bit of attention to the EP on our site, and now we have discovered that Sanzu is working on a debut album entitled Heavy Over the Home. In recent days, the band unveiled the cover art for the album — which is fantastic. It was created by the band’s vocalist Zachary Andrews, and he had this to say about the contrast between this cover and the one for Painless:

“The artwork we chose is the antidote to the harmonic character of the ‘Painless’ EP. Far more chaotic and violent in nature, the spirit has been disturbed and has taken it upon itself to tamper with the limits of reality. Now a more primal energy is tearing it’s way through matter in the midst of a cosmic tantrum, looking for answers. Finding itself dissatisfied and uncomfortable within any space. It brings unto the world all that which it brings unto itself.”

We’re very anxious to hear the new album. If you haven’t checked out Painless before, I’ve included the stream below (think of a more death-metal-heavy incarnation of Gojira).



  1. Try though I might, I still can’t get myself to like Autopsy. Maybe the new one will change that.

    • That would be surprising, because Autopsy are nothing if not consistent in their sound. Here’s a band quote that accompanied the press release about the new album:

      “Musically, it’s just what you’d expect from us; no style changes, wimp outs, sell outs, settling down or caving in. Add to that acknowledgement of the obvious, some of Wes Benscoter’s sickest art yet to (dis)grace the cover, and you have a new sledgehammer to the bowels with no apologies offered whatsoever.”

      • It has less to do with whether they’ve changed, but whether I have, or if it’ll all click for me on this record.

        • Ah, got it this time. That has certainly happened to me, and no doubt to all of us, that as time passes things we didn’t use to enjoy become appealing.

        • Honestly, if Severed Survival and Mental Funeral dont click for you, nothing theyve done since then really will either. Those are the two best albums theyve done by far

  2. The Revulsed artwork us badass, I’m digging the song, too 😀

  3. Revulsed and Sanzu artworks are nice, the music is good too!

  4. New Yellow Eyes! Yippee!

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