Oct 022017


The discography of the German black metal band Sacrilegious Rite begins with the release of a 2011 split with Ungod, and another split four years later with Bestial Holocaust, followed by their own three-song demo, Black Curses of Death (2015) and a three-way split with Dethroned and Goatblood the following year. Yet the band’s origins can be traced further back in time, to a group named Captis Damnare that was spawned in the late ’90s; the dissolution of that band led to the birth of this one. And now at last they have recorded a debut album named Summoned From Beyond that will be released on November 13 by Dunkelheit Produktionen.

Two songs from the album have appeared already — “Sacrilegious Rite” and “Deathstalker“. We have a third one for you today, this one named “Nocturnal Blood Consecration“. Continue reading »

Aug 182017


And so we come to the end of another work week. Three days have passed since the last round-up of new music I pulled together, and those have been eventful days for the release of new metal, not even counting the many excellent premieres we introduced ourselves. I’ve had to resist the temptation to cram a big mountain of them into this post (instead of a small mountain), in part because I’m off to the airport again for a long weekend in the Rocky Mountains, capped by the coming of a black sun on Monday.

I hope you’ll enjoy the picks I’ve made for this truncated round-up, and that you’ll enjoy the two more premieres we’ll be bringing you later today. I think I’ll have time to pull together some more new music this weekend despite being away from the forested NCS fortress near the Puget Sound.


I’m beginning this collection with a new single by Minnesota’s Astral Blood, in part because it gives me the opportunity to post not one but two pieces of artwork by Luciana Nedelea that will cover the front and back of the album from which it comes. The album is named SYZYGY, and the front piece is above. This is the piece for the back cover: Continue reading »