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The discography of the German black metal band Sacrilegious Rite begins with the release of a 2011 split with Ungod, and another split four years later with Bestial Holocaust, followed by their own three-song demo, Black Curses of Death (2015) and a three-way split with Dethroned and Goatblood the following year. Yet the band’s origins can be traced further back in time, to a group named Captis Damnare that was spawned in the late ’90s; the dissolution of that band led to the birth of this one. And now at last they have recorded a debut album named Summoned From Beyond that will be released on November 13 by Dunkelheit Produktionen.

Two songs from the album have appeared already — “Sacrilegious Rite” and “Deathstalker“. We have a third one for you today, this one named “Nocturnal Blood Consecration“.



The new song, like the album as a whole, combines different dimensions of sound and sensation in a way that is fluidly integrated rather than jarring, like two edges of a straight razor, albeit one wielded with demonically malignant intent.

The music manifests a hellish bestiality in the hornet-swarm buzzing of the guitar, the vocalist’s enraged, bear-like roaring, and the wild howling sound the guitarist coaxes in some of the leads. But as the song floods forward and the riffing begins to incorporate pulsating and jabbing rhythms, a rising melodic motif comes through, and a kind of infernal grandeur and arcane mysticism surface within the throes of orgiastic violence. Through it all, this nightmarish rite is anchored by frequently changing drum rhythms and tempos that make a firm connection with the reptile brain. And the music is produced in a way that makes it sound both toxic and physically arresting.


To repeat, the album will be released by Dunkelheit on November 13. It includes guest vocals by Infernal Execrator’s Lord Ashir on “Sacrilegious Rite,” Adaestuo’s Hekte Zaren on “Remains of the Deceased,” and Bestial Holocaust’s Sonia Sepulcral on “Strigoicia.” Pre-order info is below, along with a player that will allow you to hear not only the song we’re premiering by those other two which have previously been revealed.




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