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Fans of extreme metal know quite well that over time death metal has mutated and multiplied like a virus, and is now a vast ecosystem of aggressive life forms. Some are more disease-ridden, deranged, and destructive than others. Others have even managed to become beautiful as well as barbaric. The Portuguese band Undersave channel the cold, inhuman, voracious cruelty of death in their music — a terror beyond reason that can’t be stopped. Or at least that’s what I imagined as I listened to the song you’re about to hear.

Undersave have an out-of-the-ordinary way of naming their songs, This one, for example, is called “Peacefully Floating In Prosperous Abyss“. A previously released single from their new album is entitled “Press With Both Hands, Hold Your Breath and Collapse“. You’ll find the complete list of song titles below. The album, their second one, is named Sadistic Iterations…Tales of Mental Rearrangement.



Peacefully Floating…” is neither peaceful nor floating, at least not in the normal sense of those words. It is a technically impressive performance. It houses a changing kaleidoscope of riffs, but until near the end they are all executed through the seething vibration of hyper-fast tremolo chords, backed by a rapidly pulsating bass and changing drum rhythms that modulate the energy of the assault, sometimes methodically battering, sometimes frantically blasting and thundering, sometimes slowing as the guitar creates even more morbid and dismal forms of oppression.

But the dominant feeling that comes through in the song is one of unhinged, unreasoning violence, which ranges from grim, premeditated murder to exultant ferocity. Near the end, the riff becomes a punishing form of jabbing. There’s a white-hot solo in here, too, but it hits you right at the beginning. The vocals fit like a strangling hand in this bloody glove — a frightful array of monstrous growls, horrific shrieks, and raw, tortured cries.

There’s a visceral magnetism in the song, and yet if you pay attention it’s also an intricately plotted piece of slaughtering that makes it even more interesting.


Sadistic Iterations…Tales of Mental Rearrangement is fully recorded and mastered, and is accompanied by artwork created by Stephen Wilson (Unknown Relic). The band are looking for a label. Watch this space for further news about a release:


1 – Grant courage to this man who is about to die
2 – Press with both hands hold your breath and collapse
3 – Peacefully floating in prosperous abyss
4 – He promised you he’d be brief…
5 – Hereditary condemnation through immunity
6 – Dead up high, persist and be smashed



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