Aug 112017


In this post I continue an end-of-week round-up that I began here earlier today. I’ll post a third installment on Saturday. In this one, we have new music from five favorites of our site, all of whom are returning this year with new releases.


I’ve already published two previous posts about the new Enslaved album, E, even without any music to share with you. Now we finally have an advance track, “Storm Son“, which arrived today in the form of an animated music video designed by Josh Graham.

The song is a 10-minute beguiler, described as follows by songwriter/guitarist Ivar Bjørnson: Continue reading »

Jun 062017


In just a few seconds Sator establish an utterly bleak and convincingly venomous atmosphere in “Heartache“, the first single from this Italian sludge band’s new album Ordeal, which will be released by Argonauta Records this coming fall. And although the album is still months away, “Heartache” is a powerful sign that it will be worth the wait — as you’ll soon discover through our premiere stream of the song at the end of this post.

In those opening moments, the band make an immediate impression with huge, groaning chords, kidney-punching drumwork, and the kind of vocal intensity that will make your own throat feel like it’s bleeding from a dozen wounds. Just as quickly, the music will get your head moving too, because the monster riff at the core of this track is as infectious as a plague virus. But that’s only part of the story of this song. Continue reading »