Jun 272016

Slow Green Thing - band


(Our friend Comrade Aleks delivers to us on a platter this entertaining discussion with two members of the German stoner-doom-hard-rock band Slow Green Thing.)

How do you like it? Slow Green Thing! Bloody Green Thing! What could you expect from such a band?

That’s right – slow, doomy, psychedelic or stoner-alike music. Heavy riffs, trippy solos, relaxed vocals, and a little bit muddy sound were incarnated firstly in an EP named simply I (2014) and in an LP named II (2016). Slow Green Thing are able to write catchy rocking tracks, and I like this sort of doom, so it was just a question of time to get in touch with the band and ask them a few vital questions.

Singing guitarist Sven Weise answered this interview with unexpected help from Jörg Steinhauer, the drummer. Continue reading »