Jul 302013

Here are a couple of items that caught my eye last night.


Word has escaped that Deicide will be headlining a U.S. tour this October, though to be honest, the supporting bands are the ones that have really peaked my interest: DisgorgeNecronomicon, and Broken Hope.

I’ve been a fan of Montreal’s Necronomicon for years, and their 2013 album Rise of the Elder Ones is quite good. San Diego’s Disgorge has occupied a storied place in the annals of brutal death metal, and they’re now at work on their first album in eight years, with a revised line-up (Angel Ochoa behind the mic and Diego Soria on bass). And speaking of revivals, Chicago’s Broken Hope will be delivering their first album in 14 years when Century Media releases Omen of Disease in the same month that this tour occurs.

In other words, there’s going to be a full slate of new metal from a group of veteran death metal carnivores, wholly without regard to whether Deicide manages to bring it hard at the top of the bill. Continue reading »

May 082013

Sociopathic Sound started as a Philadelphia-based web project in June 2012, but it’s about to transition into a record label, with plans not only to sign bands for new releases but also to re-issue previous works on vinyl or as digitally remastered releases. Since opening the doors last year, Sociopathic Sound has also been compiling free mixtapes (with permission of the bands and labels whose songs have gone into the comps). As of today, the latest comp — Vol. 4 — has gone up on Bandcamp for streaming and download, and man, it’s a whopper.

The latest comp consists of 100 tracks by bands from all over the world — and all over the genre map of extreme music. In looking through the list, I recognize these bands with whom I’m at least somewhat familiar and whose music I already know I like (and we’ve written about many of these here at NCS):

Primitive Man, Nails, Slaves BC, Sidious, Acrassicauda, Polkadot Cadaver, Antropofago, Buckshot Facelift, Svart Crown, The Psyke Project, Interment, Cage, Enabler, Psychofagist, The Binary Code, Slash Dementia, Total Fucking Destruction, Psychotic Pulse, Xibalba, Vaulting, thedowngoing, and Sloth Herder

But of course one of the attractions of comps like this one is the chance to discover new bands — and there are a ton of them on this thing. My mind boggles at the effort it must have taken to assemble it. My mind is even more boggled by the news that Sociopathic Sound is already on the verge of releasing Volume 5! Continue reading »

Sep 142012

Sociopathic Sound is a project that apparently has been 10 years in the making, with the objective of launching a metal-focused web site. The launch hasn’t happened yet, though the under-construction site can be viewed here. As part of their effort to build an audience base for the planned web site, the folks behind Sociopathic Sound have been compiling metal mixtapes for free distribution. I just discovered the project this morning, after seeing news about the release of a brand new mixtape — which turns out to be the third of these things.

Sociopathic Mixtape Vol. III is kind of mind-blowing. First, it includes songs from 81 bands (actually, there are 9 more “hidden” tracks that are included in the file for those who download the entire mixtape — which brings the total to 90!!!).  It adds up to more than four hours of music.

Second, I recognize a lot of the bands on the 81-song track list, and the ones whose names I recognize are killer; we’ve featured many of them at NO CLEAN SINGING. Here are just a few: Hypno5e, Gaza, Ad Patres, Analdiktion, Vimana, Severed Crotch, haarp, Maruta, Plague Widow, Trepalium, Withered, Hivesmasher, Tiger Flowers, Co-Exist.

As even this very small listing of names indicates, the music on the mixtape spans a really diverse array of metal.

And to repeat: It’s FREE.

To stream the music and get the download if you so choose, use this link: