Nov 252020


A soothsayer is a seer, a speaker of truths enabled by visions, an oracle enabled by magic, but perhaps just as likely to be ignored as to be believed. Soothsayer is also the name chosen by an Irish quintet whose visions are very much rooted in the desperate reality of the here and now, but who defiantly refuse to succumb. Their music, as represented in what we’ve heard so far from their forthcoming debut album, is harrowing in the extreme, and also transportive. It’s not “easy listening” by any stretch, but it makes such a transfixing and mind-bending impact that it’s very hard to forget, no matter how unreal and disturbing it can become.

This debut full-length, which follows a small handful of excellent short releases (for which we’ve done premieres in the past), is named Echoes of the Earth. It will be forthcoming from Transcending Obscurity Records. The first two tracks bear the names “Fringe” and “Outer Fringe“, and we’re presenting them to you today for the first time, accompanied by a video prepared by Irish drone artist Ruairi O’Baoighill that enhances the mind-altering impact of the sounds. Continue reading »

Apr 252018


The Irish band Soothsayer hit my own radar screen about 18 months ago when we were asked to premiere what turned out to be a phenomenal track from their then-forthcoming second release, At This Great Depth. That song, “Umpire“, was a 16-minute, atmospheric monolith of doom/sludge that managed to be massive and earthy, and also intangible, fleeting, and ghostly — both spine-shaking and hallucinatory.

Now it’s our pleasure to present a new Soothsayer song that will soon be released on a split. Its name is “Cephalopod“, and it provides both further confirmation of this band’s prodigious talents and further reason to get excited about their next release, an album that the band are nearly finished writing and will eventually be presented through Transcending Obscurity Records (hopefully before the end of this year). Continue reading »

Oct 192016



Sixteen-minute songs present a challenge for bands who compose them, because they present a challenge for listeners. Long attention spans are not exactly a hallmark of modern culture or society. But when a band succeed in holding their listeners’ attention for songs of such length, the experience can be even more rewarding than songs of more conventional duration. And that’s what the Irish band Soothsayer have done on the song we’re about to premiere for you. Its name is “Umpire” and it appears on Soothsayer’s new album At This Great Depth, which will be released on December 30 by Transcending Obscurity Records.

This is the band’s second release, following their 2015 debut The Soothsayer. It consists of two songs, of which “Umpire” is the first; the second, which is not as long, is “Locusts and Moths”. Continue reading »