Apr 242023

This is one of those times when it feels right to just dive headlong into the song we’re premiering, and then come back to fill in the details after you’ve had a chance to extricate yourself from those giant talons on the album cover and attempt to catch your breath.

It takes almost no time at all for “Hologram” to create a mood of feral, lusting exultation. The drumming is loose and raucous. The high-toned riffing writhes, jolts, and rises up in manifestations of diabolical glory. The bass tones feel like bubbling madness. When the vocals finally arrive, they sound like a big rabid beast that can’t be brought to heel.

The song rocks damned hard but it also takes off like a scampering devil-punk careening off the walls as the guitar screams, and the band also launch into a bracing gallop as the foundation for a delirious guitar solo that kicks the music’s diabolical energy further into the blood-spraying red zone. Continue reading »

Sep 132016



I sometimes wonder whether our putrid site is the perpetrator of sensory overload. I am wondering that today, as I shovel vicious music from 9 bands at you on the heels of DGR’s four-band round-up earlier today and nine music posts yesterday. Who can listen carefully to this much music? I mean, besides your slaves here at the NCS asylum, who clearly have some kind of metal psychosis?

I assume the answer is, Not Very Many. Normal, reasonably well-adjusted people will pick and choose. This is a satisfactory answer because it allows me to justify my indulgence in vomiting forth descriptive adjectives and metaphors that may act as guides to the picking and choosing. And with those unsolicited confessions about my state of mind out of the way, here we go again… with different shades of black, death, and doom.


To begin, I want to share with you the first single from Djevel’s new album (their fourth), Norske Ritualer. The name of the song is “Vi slakter den foerste og den andre, den tredje lar vi gaa mot nord“. Continue reading »