Nov 212016

Stench Price album art


When Austin Weber introduced our early-September premiere of a song and video from the new album by Stench Price, he referred to them as a “supergroup on an obscene scale” with a “highly adventurous” approach to grindcore that has enabled them “to rise above the majority of garden-variety grind in the modern era”. As further proof of the truths in those statements, we have another new Stench Price song and video for you today. The name of this track is “Living Fumes“, and it features Dan Lilker of the legendary Brutal Truth.

Stench Price is the brainchild of Siberian composer and bassist Peter Shallmin (EscapethecultKamlath), and in aid of his nefarious cause he enlisted not only Danny Lilker but also these other notable names from around the world: Continue reading »

Sep 012016

Stench Price album art


(We have Austin Weber to thank for this premiere of a new song from a band named Stench Price, accompanied by his introduction. We have Stench Price to thank for forcible re-wiring our brains, because they weren’t much good originally.)

Grindcore in 2016 has reached an interesting division, one present in the past but prevalent even more so now than ever. As we all know, grind is one of the metal sub-genres most difficult to fuck up — all you need is to be caustically loud,  have your music consist of brief raging sonic bursts, and throw in a bit of passion (or ideally, a lot).

But more than that, to rise above the majority of garden-variety grind in the modern era, it seems to take one of two things: Either a group’s willingness to take things in a more technical and complexly written direction, or to go the avant-garde route and deliver something super-weird and out there.

I enjoy both approaches equally, and even more so when a new grind group like Stench Price combines both of these schools of thought to create modern, highly adventurous grindcore. Continue reading »