Aug 022018


Insanity has different root causes, durations, and effects. For example, there’s the chilling insanity that leads to serial killing, the mania that comes over some people who’ve just been cut off by some motherfucker swerving into their lane on the freeway, and the kind of madness that led to the invention of calculus. There’s also the quite invigorating temporary insanity produced by a blaze of metal capable of setting fire to a mosh pit. And that’s what we have for you here.

Become Insane” could be a command (which in this case would be difficult to resist) or a description of what will happen to you if you listen to this song (predictably accurate if you’re a lover of punk-fueled thrash). Either way (or both), it’s a fitting title for this track by Ohio’s Subtype Zero, which comes off their debut album The Astral Awakening, which will be released on August 24th by Seeing Red Records. Continue reading »