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In August of last year we had the riotous pleasure of premiering a song for a track off the then-forthcoming debut album Astral Awakening by Ohio’s Subtype Zero. The name of the song was “Become Insane”, which could have been interpreted as a command (which in the case of that song is damned difficult to resist) or a description of what will happen to you if you listen to it (particularly accurate if you’re a lover of punk-fueled thrash). Either way (or both), it was a fitting title for that explosive track. The whole album proved to be just as much of a high-voltage, adrenaline-triggering rush.

Astral Awakening has now been out for nine months via Seeing Red Records, but we’ve got something that will remind you how electrifying Subtype Zero are, or introduce them to you if you’re encountering their music for the first time. It’s an eye-popping, thoroughly murderous music video for the twelfth and final song on the album, “Cerebral Cage“, and we’re presenting it to you right before a Subtype Zero tour that begins next week..



The video is a hell of a lot of fun to watch, as long as you get a hell of a lot of fun out of watching one vicious beating and savage murder after another. And even if that ain’t your cup of tea, the video is equally fun as a vehicle for exposing people to this band’s supercharged stage performance. (The performance clips must have been filmed before the murder footage, because it appears to be the band members themselves who are being mercilessly taken out).

As for the music, Subtype Zero manage to create an atmosphere of horror and premeditated brutality while still delivering a full-throttle thrill-ride. They switch up the tempos in this song and mix humongous grooves with blazing fretwork, and the vocals are raw, savage, and a perfect complement to the ferocity of the music. But make no mistake, for all its ferocity, the song will still give your head-bang and mosh-pit reflexes a damned good workout.



As you see from the flyer above, Subtype Zero are on the verge of embarking on a tour. If you’re within striking distance of any of those locations, you should definitely check out these dudes on stage.

And if that video strikes a chord with you, check out the full album stream following the video below. You can acquire it via this link:






  1. Killer video and love the artwork too.

  2. This band is killer. Im.miffed theyre not touring the Netherlands!

  3. Did Slayer change their name?

  4. (though to be honest, this is the best Slayer has sounded in a decade or more)

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